Resize Images the Right Way With Photoshop’s Image Processor

This may be old news for some, but batch resizing a mix of portrait and landscape images has always been a pain for me.  I used to:

  1. put all of my landscape images in one folder and my portrait images in another
  2. create a set of actions for each image orientation
  3. run a batch with the respective actions I just created on each folder

I was about to start going through this exact process to resize a set of images when I stopped and decided that I was going to find a better way to handle this.  I’m obviously not the first person to run into this issue so I figured there had to be an answer out there somewhere.  After searching for a while, I discovered Photoshop’s Image Processor tool.  I can’t believe I’ve gotten by this long without it.

The Image Processor can be found by going to:

File > Scripts > Image Processor...

The Photoshop Image Processor settings screen

Most of the settings are self-explanatory, but the “Resize to fit” option is the big time saver for me.  As you can see, I have the maximum height of my images to be 1000px and the maximum width to 1500px.  It makes sure that the dimensions fall within the boundaries of these dimensions so it is basically saying, “make the height of my portrait images 1000px” and “make the width of my landscape images 1500px.”

Hopefully this helps someone else who was running into the same issue and if you have any other questions, feel free to email me or ask a question in the comments.