Getting Started with Vim

I’m giving Vim a try for the next 30 days (well, 27 days now) as my only editor. I just switched over to a Macbook Air as my main development machine so I am not even going to install TextMate or any other editors besides MacVim. I’ve made a couple attempts in the past at getting into Vim, but I just found myself getting frustrated at how unproductive I was and I quickly switched back to TextMate. I’m already a couple days [...]

My CodeIgniter Base Model

A friend of mine, Doug Linsmyer, introduced me to Shawn McCool’s basic CRUD model that he uses in CodeIgniter development and I immediately started using it in my CI projects.  However, I couldn’t handle how much repeated code there was in my models so, with some help from my friends on Forrst, I turned it into a base model that I can use for all of my models.  Now all I have to do to create a new model with my CRUD methods is [...]

Smooth CSS Transitions On Inset Box Shadows

**UPDATE: **It appears that Firefox 5 and Chrome 12.0 have eliminated the issue of the jumping shadow transition. Safari still has the issue and I haven’t testing with IE or Opera. If you’ve ever tried to use a CSS transitions on an inset box shadow the result probably wasn’t what you expected. If you are transitioning from no box shadow to an inset box shadow, the transition takes place outside of the element and then jumps inside after the transition [...]

Ruby Question Marks and Exclamation Points

The past month or two I’ve been digging into Ruby and Rails. Along the way I’ve had a few “ah ha!” moments that I figured I would share here in hopes to help save time for others who are trying to pick up the language. What They Mean When working with a method that returns a boolean value, it is common to end the method with a “?” to show that the data type expected back is true/false. The “!” is often used to [...]

Divvy Review

Divvy is a window management application similar to the likes of Size Up and Shift It, but with a few more features and a better interface. It allows you resize a window on the fly… or create shortcuts for commonly used window placements. I have shortcuts for all corners of the screen, center, full screen, left, right, top and bottom. I also have some for certain apps like 2/3 of the screen for my browser. All of Divvy’s shortcuts are available when the preferences pane is open [...]

Resize Images the Right Way With Photoshop’s Image Processor

This may be old news for some, but batch resizing a mix of portrait and landscape images has always been a pain for me.  I used to: put all of my landscape images in one folder and my portrait images in another create a set of actions for each image orientation run a batch with the respective actions I just created on each folder I was about to start going through this exact process to resize a set of images when I stopped and [...]